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1.)  What are your products?

  • We sell Purified Tube Ice & Purified Crushed Ice in 5kg, 35kg, 45kg & 50kg sizes. .

2.)  How much are your products?

  • Because we're a wholesaler, our price depends on the quantity of your purchase. You may send us a message for more details. 

3.)  Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

  • Yes, we do! Kindly send us a message for more details. 

4.)  Do you sell ice machines?

  • No, sorry we don't. 

5.)  Do you franchise?

  • As of the moment, Mr. Freeze Tube Ice is not available for franchise. 

6.)  Where can I buy Mr. Freeze Tube Ice?

  • Kindly send us a message to further assist you on the nearest branch that can cater to you. 

7.)  Do you deliver?

  • Yes! Currently, our products are available for delivery on selected areas thru Grab Food and Grab Mart.

8.)  Can I have ice directly delivered to my shop daily? 

  • We don't do direct deliveries unless it is in bulk. But we can refer you to one of our Ice Dealers who may have delivery routes around your area. Kindly send us a message to assist you. 



1.)  I'm interested to be a Mr. Freeze Ice Dealer. What are the requirements?

2.)  How much is the starting capital to be a Mr. Freeze Ice Dealer?

  • It actually depends on you. You can start being a re-seller even with just 1 sack of ice as there's no minimum quantity to purchase. 

3.)  Do you provide livelihood programs for those who want to start their ice business with you? 

  • We don't offer specific programs, but we can offer you the best deals of our products for your starting business. 

4.)  I'm an existing Mr. Freeze Ice Dealer and I want to expand my business. Do you offer financial assistance?

  • That's great to hear! Yes, we have partnered with Goal Credit for your business financial needs. Kindly directly inquire to any of our plant managers. 

5.)  Why is the financial assistance available only to existing customers?

  • This is an added benefit for our loyal Mr. Freeze customers and our way to help them grow their own businesses.


Are there any job openings in your company?

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