The MR. FREEZE TUBE ICE success story has been featured in numerous articles, websites, and on local television.

Such as ABS-CBN, PTV, Bloomberg TV Philippines, The Manila Times, The Philippine Star,  & Go Negosyo.

At the same time, constantly being recognised of its excellence in its field. The company has received  prestigious awards from Meralco, Asia SME Summit, San Beda College, and the Municipality of Baliwag, Bulacan. 

MERALCO 2012 Luminary Awardee

Mr. Freeze Tube Ice Inc. is the FIRST MERALCO LUMINARY AWARDEE under the Small and Medium Enterprise category. 

Through the Time-Of-Use partnership with Meralco, the company was chosen among many finalists, because of its capacity to maximize energy use, achieve better operational efficiencies, and at the same time help develop communities.

ASIA SME SUMMIT 2018 Presenter

Along with the brightest CEO's of our nation today, Mr. Freeze Tube Ice Inc.'s President, Mr. Gerry Santos shared his story on how he was able to grow and uplift the ice industry in the Philippines. The summit was held last April 10, 2018 at Manila Marriott Hotel. 

Popularly known as Mr. Freeze, Gerry's mission of expanding is through nation building with a unique strategy that helped countless small ice entrepreneurs make their businesses a success by working and growing together.

PTV 'Damayan Ngayon'

Featured in PTV's show called 'Damayan Ngayon' in one of their business segments entitled The Achiever with Ms. Dianne Querrer which aired last May 4, 2018.  


It has showcased our company's humble beginnings and how it has helped inspire countless of fellow ice entrepreneurs in our country.


Mr. Freeze Tube Ice was chosen to be featured on Mr. Quintin Pastrana's show, 'Thought Leaders', which was aired last August 7, 2017.


"With a vision for innovation and a drive to create opportunities, this entrepreneur has not only transformed ice into gold but also changed the lives of the people around him." 

ABS-CBN 'May Puhunan'

A special feature on Mr. Freeze Tube Ice with Ms. Karen Davila on her show, 'My Puhunan', aired last April 4, 2016.


 The segment has shared how our company has grown through the years and how we've helped promote nation-building in our community. 

PTVph ‘TNT: Tara, Negosyo Tayo!’

Mr. Freeze Tube Ice, Inc was featured in PTV’s Show, ‘TNT: Tara, Negosyo Tayo!’, which was aired last February 23, 2019.

The program was hosted by Gerry Santos and Philip Santos as it discusses how the company has contributed to those of the unemployed by providing job opportunities.

‘Ice King’ Pushes Cool Ideas To Sell Hot Commodity

Gerry Santos, also known as “Mr. Freeze,” is by no measure a cold dude. He warmly greets everyone – from employees to distributors and partners – with his signature smile and charm.

A new player in the industry, Santos filled the void that the bigger companies had overlooked or left open.

In addition to upgrading their technology and expanding plant operations, Santos tweaked his dad’s business model to include a livelihood program set up for tricycle drivers, who could market Mr. Freeze in their communities and other urban areas.

Using this network of small distributors, Santos was able to bring his product down to the household levels, tapping sari-sari store owners and even ambitious household help (maids), who wanted to increase their income.

“In the beginning, it was difficult, of course, in the sense that we were competing with the big players. Fortunately, I grew up knowing every aspect of the ice business and knew the areas of opportunity I could bank on,” he reveals. “I knew the weaknesses of my competitors, and so improved the quality and service to my customers and dealers. I also made sure to expand every year to cope with the growing demands.”

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*Published on September 21, 2017

Gerry Santos made the top 5 Finalist for the Asia Leaders Awards 2018 with the category of 'Entrepreneur of the Year'. 


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Mr. Freeze Sets a Progressive Direction for SMEs

"One such company is Mr. Freeze, a tube ice manufacturer whose strategy included ways to create employment and give back to the community. 


Mr. Freeze Tube Ice Plant enrolled in Meralco’s Time-of-Use (TOU) Program, an alternative pricing mechanism that bases rates on Peak and Off-Peak periods. By shifting majority of its operations at night, when electricity rates are lower, Mr. Freeze was able to maximize the production schedule and increase the quantity of ice tubes per sack without increasing the price offered to their customers.


Due to the company’s profitability, Mr. Freeze was able to expand and buy more machines and trucks. The company was also able to offer tricycle drivers in the community the opportunity to augment their own income by tapping them as ice distributors to nearby businesses."

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*Published on June 8, 2012

A Luminary Story

"Gerry is a true example of a Filipino entrepreneur who thinks not only of his welfare, but of others as well. And this is what Go Negosyo has been advocating since day one, which is to promote entrepreneurship among Filipinos, and in the process help open up opportunities for others.

I admire Gerry for his dedication and initiative to improve his negosyo by exploring options and finding partners to success. As Meralco’s grand luminary continuously striving to expand his business while helping others, does he believe that our time has come? And if so, how does he intend to help see this come to reality personally and through Mr. Freeze?

“Yes, I certainly presume that our time has finally come. It is evident by opportunities that are coming our way. In order to grow further, my company continues to attract persevering employees and aggressive dealers and retailers. Consequently, if all businesses will follow, it will lead to greater chances of achieving larger market share, employees growth, and dealers/retailers financial stability.”

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*Published on May 31, 2012